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★ December 9 :Baking Christmas cookies ★


Today was already the 9th of December and they hadn't had time yet to bake Christmas cookies. So they really needed to do that now. After all what was Christmas without delicious self baked cookies?! Of course there were many shops offering tons of Christmas cookies and Christmas chocolate and gingerbread men. What they could see there really was amazing. There were artfully backed snowmen and Santas and thousands of different kinds of gingerbread houses. But still, no matter how beautiful those bought cookies looked and how delicious they tasted, nothing was better than self baked cookies.
So they washed their hands and went in the kitchen. Mom Sara helped them make the dough. Then they started to cut out cookies with their beautiful cookie cutters. They made snowmen, sleighs, bells and stars. Each cookie looked more beautiful than the next.
After they had finished baking three baking trays like this but still had a little bit of dough left, Karl suggested that they could try to create their own forms and figures. And so they did. They took a knife to make their own cookie creations. It was so much fun. But at the same time not easy at all. Carefully Gini cut a snowman who was wearing a hat and a broom. Karl tried a Christmas stocking. Then Gini painted an angel with two big wings who was playing flute into the dough. Karl cut a reindeer. And so they went on until no dough was left. They compared their creatures with the cookie cutter cookies and had to admit that those made with ready made cookie cutters were looking a bit nicer, more professional so to speak than their own creations. But also much more ordinary. Maybe their cookies weren't as beautiful but they had made them all themselves and it had been so much fun.
While the cookies slowly got golden and brown in the oven Gini and Karl went out in the garden for a snowball fight.
Then they went back in the kitchen and went on to bake many other cookies. They baked cookies with almonds and others with nuts and still others who looked like big rings. And inbetween they always tried one of their freshly baked cookies. So fresh and warm still having this special smell they really tasted best! And as they had more than enough cookies they could eat as many as they wanted to. There were still more than enough left to eat later.
When all the cookies were baked they laid the table and put wood pieces in their open fireplace. Then they called mom Sara and papa Antoin to try their cookies. They sat down at their cozy fire place singing Christmas carols and eating delicious cookies. The first self baked cookies in this Christmas season! Yummy!!!

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