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★ December 7 :Christmas carols ★

singing christmas carols

Gini and Karl had gathered with some of their friends at Clive's and Felicitas' house. Gini and Felicitas as well as some of the other kids had their recorders with them and they had put sheets with Christmas carols all around them. They wanted to play and sing Christmas Carols together, practising for their coming performance in the old people's home close by. Oh, how they loved to play and sing! They sang of ever green fir trees that give hope, of the birth of the Christ child, the joy and happiness during Christmas time. Singing and playing together was so much fun. What nicer thing could there be on earth?!
But what was that? Suddenly it knocked and rang at the door and when they opened a grumpy neighbour stood there furiously telling them that she would call the police if they didn't stop that noise immediately. The friends looked at each other. They couldn't believe it. For a moment they sat sad and silently in the living room. This couldn't be true. Finally Gini and Karl suggested that they could go to their place to continue their practise. So they packed their stuff and went to Gini and Karl's house. But their mood still was depressed. Why were there so bad and unfriendly people out there who had nothing else to do than spoil other people's fun?!
Mom Sara was very surprised to see Gini and Karl with their friends being so sad. "What's the matter with you?", she asked. "Why are there so many unfriendly people in this world who just rail against others all the time?", Karl asked. Then they told her what had happened. Mom Sara sighed. "Don't take it to heart", she said after they had ended their story. If you let ruin your day she has got exactly what she wanted. Look, this woman probably has lots of personal problems. Maybe she is lonely, maybe she doesn't have enough money, maybe her husband left her or her daughter is sick. We don't know. But because she herself feels so sad she can't bear to see other people being so happy and therefore she tries to make everyone feel as miserably as she is. The best we can do is to ignore people like this. Just because not everyone on earth can be well all of the time doesn't mean that nobody is allowed to have any fun. Look, here you can play and sing with your friends. Just forget about her. Let's celebrate!" With this words she went in the kitchen and made them some warm chocolate and delicious Christmas cookies. She also showed them her Christmas scene with Jesus, Maria and Joseph in the stable that she was building. It was supposed to be a gift for the people in the old people's home.
It still took a little while but then they were laughing and singing again as if the unfriendly woman had never been there. Admittedly it didn't sound perfect yet, but who cared when they had so much fun?!

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