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★ December 5 : Christmas parade ★

santa parade

Today Gini and Karl together with their parents took the metro to go downtown to join thousands of other people who wanted to watch the Christmas parade just like them. Many people already were there when they arrived waiting for the parade to begin. Like every year it was very very cold and frosty. But the atmosphere was very good. All were happily awaiting this year's costumes. Some people sold hot chocolate to keep everyone warm. That felt good. Oh,and there were their friends Tini and Wim. And there were Felicitas and Clive. More and more friends joined them and always it was a happy "Merry Christmas!".
And then they could hear that the parade was coming. At the beginning a band was walking by playing Christmas songs. People dressed as Christmas trees, Christmas presents, angels playing on their flutes and trumpets were dancing by. After them funny snowmen jumped around. Then came elves and people in Christmas cookie costumes. Everyone was more beautiful and more impressive than the next. Gini and Karl gazed at the parade totally forgetting about the cold.
A group of snowflakes was marching by. What elaborate costumes they had. And there, there was a very tiny snowflake. Gini and Karl were amazed. The little girl snow flake really was very small and she already looked quite tired. She stumbled after her mom. But at the same time she looked very proud that she could march in the parade too! Gini and Karl watched her a long time until the tiny dancing snowflake had completely disappeared from their view. "Yes," said Tini's mom with a smile. "For her it is probably very hard and she will sleep very well tonight. But she will never ever forget this day and will always be proud that she made it. It's always like this if you do something difficult. When I came to Multimix City as a young girl I couldn't speak the language here. At the beginning I found it very hard and difficult and I was always very tired after school. And I also was a bit afraid of school every morning. But after a while I could speak better and better and finally I was as good as everyone else. Then I also was very very proud. And whenever I later had to do something difficult I remembered that time and knew that I would make it. And so the little girl will always remember this Christmas Parade and will be more confident in herself."
At this moment some candles were marching by, followed by the first reindeer. And then there was Santa Claus on his big sleigh. He looked so beautiful with his red coat and his long white beard.
To get warm again Gini and Karl went with their parents and friends to a cafeteria after the parade was over. Then they took the metro and rode home again.
"That really was a wonderful parade", said Gini before they went to bed. "I'd like to have a snowflake costume too. How beautiful it looked!" "And I would like to be Santa", laughed Karl. "For sure it is extremely cold to stand on the sleigh all the time. But all the people are admiring him!" Quickly he took his big red bath towel and put it around his shoulders. Then he put some kleenex papers in front of his mouth, grabbed a bell and ran through the house crying "HoHoHo". Gini quickly fetched a white bed sheet and danced after him singing Christmas carols. Before the lights went out and they went into their beds they sang some more songs. What a wonderful time they had had.

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