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★ December 4 : Making Christmas cards ★

Christmas cards

Gini and Karl sat on the floor of their living room and made Christmas cards. Gini loved doing it. She was cutting and gluing and drawing and all her cards were made with lots of details. There were Christmas trees with bright shining candles, snowmen in all colours and forms, Santa Claus on his sleigh with a big bag full of presents, stars and lots more. Karl too was cutting and gluing but he didn't enjoy it as much as Gini. He liked doing a few cards but then he'd prefer to go back to playing with lego, doing experiments or playing and creating games on the computer. "Why don't we buy our Christmas cards?", he asked. "Because self-made Christmas cards are much more personal", said mom Sara. "Hm" made Karl. "Maybe I should invent a machine that makes Christmas cards that look like I had made them." Gini laughed. "Well, have fun building it. That's probably not that easy though. But you could make stencils like I did, then you can easily make those things that you liked again. Or you could try to create stamps. That could look great too" Karl thought for a moment, then he cut some stencils. Then he took his paint box, a small solid tea strainer and an old tooth brush. He always covered other parts. That was quick and really looked good. Proudly Karl looked at his cards. He now had many colourful Christmas cards. Now he only needed to make the stamp with the Christmas greetings. During that time the cards could dry. He looked for his letter stamps then put them together so that it read "Merry Christmas".
After that he washed his hands and ate a few Christmas cookies. "Why do we send Christmas cards at all?" he asked. "With some people I can understand that, for example with aunt Lucy. I really like her. And grandma and granddad. But there are so many people we are sending Christmas cards to that we haven't heard from in ages." "Yes, exactly", said Mom Sara."Christmas time is a good time to remember old friends, even when we didn't spend much time together this year. When we send Christmas cards to them no matter if we bought them or designed them ourselves we show them that we still care. There are always times when you can't spend as much time with a friend as you would like to or there are times when people are unhappy for this reason or that and therefore hide themselves from other people. By sending our Christmas cards we are reaching out to them. It tells them that we still like them. Later we might hear from each other more often again. But of course it's not always like this. The world is changing and with it we and our friends change too."
"I make Christmas cards because I have fun making them", said Gini. "And most people like to receive them. So I had fun making them and at the same time people have fun receiving them, that's double fun". "If I am honest I also like making them." said Karl. "And of course I like receiving them!" And with this words he went back to work and joyfully stamped "Merry Christmas" on each card. In addition he cut lots of stars and glued them on. Making Christmas cards really was a lot of fun after all!

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