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★ December 3 : A Christmas play in the theater ★

in the theater

Today Papa Antoin and Mom Sara put their computers aside a lot earlier than usual. And when Gini and Karl arrived home from school they all immediately changed into some elegant clothes. Gini even wore the new and pretty red and green dress that she wanted to wear on Christmas Eve. Then they got into their car and drove to the theater. They wanted to watch a Christmas play in the theater today.
In the theater everything was neat and tidy and nicely decorated. They left their coats at the wardrobe and then went to their seats. It's been a long time since Gini and Karl had been to a theater. And it was really very nice here. Soon it got dark and the curtains opened for the performance to begin.
First, the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel was performed. Then after a short break where everyone could try a piece of the witch's house constructed of cake and confectionery, Santa and his helpers took over the scene. You could see Santa choosing, making and wrapping Christmas presents. Of course he was supported by lots and lots of helpers. Elves were working until late at night to make sure that every child really would get the right present on Christmas Eve. All were busy, hammering or gluing or carrying big and heavy bags full of presents to the sleigh which slowly filled up. The sleigh really was gigantic. Of course he had to be as otherwise all those presents together with Santa would never fit in. Soon the reindeer were coming out ready to pull the sleigh. While Santa checked once again that really no present was missing and would stay in place during the ride the reindeer studied the map to not forget a single house where people were celebrating Christmas. And then the ride began. Santa had merely taken his seat on the sleigh when the reindeer started to run and soon they would fly noiselessly over the landscape. After a short time they had reached the first houses, the sleigh stopped, Santa put the presents under the Christmas tree or in the hanging Christmas stockings and the journey went on. How beautifully the sleigh was glowing in the night! Santa didn't get tired to distribute his presents until even the last present had reached its rightful destination. Then together with his reindeer he flew back home. There the elves and the other animals had already prepared a big and delicious Christmas supper and had put lots of presents under their own Christmas tree. When Santa and his reindeer were back everyone wished each other "Merry Christmas". The snowman from the garden came inside and started playing Christmas carols on the piano. The elves had taken out their flutes, others played on the xylophone or triangle or joined the choir of Santa and the reindeer who were singing loudly and merrily. When they had played and sung all the Christmas carols several times, they sat down on the table and started to feast on their delicious meal. It was a wonderful and delicious and happy meal. Everyone was smiley and in a good mood.
Gini and Karl still felt a bit dizzy when the curtain fell and they walked out of the theater. That had really been an amazing great Christmas fairy tale!

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