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★ December 2 : Letter to Santa ★

letter to santa

After they had finished their homework Gini and Karl again enjoyed the chocolate from their Christmas calendar. But then they got pencil and paper out and sat down at the table. It was high time to write their letter to Santa. For a while none of them had any idea what to write. They both admired Santa and his helpers. It must be great to meet him and help him make and deliver all the presents. Sure there were lots of things they would like to have. Gini dreamt of having her own camera and Karl loved building with lego. But they already had so much and they knew all too well that consuming doesn't make one happy but creating something does.
Finally they began to write. This is their letter to Santa:

Dear Santa,
we are Gini and Karl, two little penguins living in Multimix City in Squirisia. We are very curious and love everything computer and technical. We'd really like to know how you can manage to travel so far so fast. In school we have been learning about many different countries and we were told that it takes a long time to travel to the North pole! One first needs to go to the airport and climb into a plane and then it will take many hours until one arrives. Are you really using a sleigh and reindeers or do you have a special super fast flying truck? Do you build and maintain your sleigh yourself or do you have a mechanic that helps you?
And what is your favourite activity? Do you enjoy distributing the presents the most? Or making the presents with the elves? Or feeding the reindeer? Or baking cookies?
We love to help and we have been two super good penguins all year. We'd really love to help you this year. Don't you think you could use two eager helpers?
Merry Christmas!
Greetings to Ms Claus!
Gini and Karl

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