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★ December 1 : Setting up the Christmas tree ★

xmas tree

It was a gray and misty day today and the weather certainly wouldn't get better anytime soon. But that wasn't important. Today was the first of December and that meant Gini and Karl could open the first door of their Christmas calendar. Oh, how delicious this first chocolate tasted! This was the beginning of the festive season, this magical season full of wonder and excitement, this magical season filled with many happy hours spent with family and friends. Christmas really was special!

While Gini and Karl were still in the living room loudly eating their treat papa Antoin came home with a big Christmas tree. "Hurray" cried Gini and Karl. "What a wonderful tree." The tree really was very beautiful. It was big and had a wonderful dress and it smelled so good! While papa Antoin carried the tree on the terrace Gini and Karl ran in the basement to get the stand and the saw. Like always the tree needed to be cut a bit at the bottom to fit not just in the stand but also in the house. They helped their papa putting the tree up. This took quite a while but finally they were quite happy with how the tree looked in their living room, standing there unfolding his dress more and more now that "he" was in a warm and cozy place.
As it was already late they first ate dinner quickly. But when they had hardly ate their last bite they got up and hurried to get the Christmas tree decorations out. On top the tree got a wonderful Christmas star. Next they put candles around. Then they put the balls, the bells and other decorations on the tree. They went a few steps back. Yes, now the Christmas tree really looked good!

When they had finished the decorations they got their colourful paper out and quickly cut some Christmas stars and started decorating the living room. Then they put new wood in the fireplace. Now mom Sara and papa Antoin came into the living room too. Papa Antoin sat down at the piano and started playing, Gini took her recorder, Karl got his xylophone right and mom Sara looked for the text. Then they played and sang happily as an honour to welcome their Christmas tree who would help to lighten up this dark time of the year. When they had finished they sat down on the sofa watching the illuminated tree. How beautiful their Christmas tree looked! For a while they were sitting in silence simply enjoying the beautiful sight of the tree.

How wonderful it was to have a tree at home, thought Gini when they blew out the candles as it was time to go to bed. And now "he" would stay for quite a while. It's as if they had a guest in their house. No, not a guest, a friend! Quickly Gini took a bowl with lukewarm water and gave the tree something to drink. How good "he" smelled. And from now on they would light the candles every evening and admire their tree. She went upstairs to brush her teeth and put on her pajama. But after that she quickly ran down again to give the tree a good-night kiss. A kiss for a living tree in their living room, a wonderful friend who would celebrate Christmas with them. The most beautiful tree in the world!

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