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javascript & jquery
css art

On this page I want to share some of my programs and art projects with you. Coding is so much fun. Here you will find the code (with a few comments) so that you hopefully can understand what I am doing. I'd be happy to hear your comments and/or see your code!

jquery/html: write text with special characters online (without the need to use your keyboard)

Sometimes I need to write a text in a language other than English but often I only have an English keyboard to do this which makes including special characters rather tedious. Read more..
Write your text with special letters

jquery: secret message

Here is a little online program that lets you create secret messages. Admittedly it is just moving letters so the method is weak but still better than nothing: Read more..
Write a secret message

html5 canvas: circle paint

Draw some random circles by moving the mouse. Read more..
Draw some random circles

css/jquery: Christmas tree

It's Christmas time and so I created a Christmas tree with candles that you can blow out and light again. Read more..
Have a look at the Christmas tree!

html: creating music on soundation.com and embed it in your webpage

Recently I listened to the excellent lectures on the "Introduction to Digital Sound Design" by Professor Steve Everett on Coursera. If you have the chance I definitively recommend taking this course if it is offered again, I found the lectures to be very interesting and informative. In week 3 of the lectures we got introduced to a free online synthesizer program called soundation which I liked immediately. Read more..

html/css/jquery: Writing text backwards

A reader who liked the upside down text asked for text that is just written backwards without being upside down as well. Read more..
or just write text backwards.

html/css/jquery: writing upside down

Some time ago a twitter friend posted a message that was written upside down. Of course I was very curious to find out how he did it. A short search and I came across several sites that let you write text and convert it. Read more..
or just try it out: write text upside down

javascript/jquery: My shopping list

Too often when I was writing my shopping list I forgot to put something on it - even though I needed more or less the same things almost every time - and then either had to run to the shop again or make do without. Read more..
or just try it out: My shopping list

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