Tuxgraphics download: avr-gcc binary install

avr-1.6.4-linux-bin.tar.gz mtime: 2009-12-30, size: 14436034 bytes
pre-compiled Linux binary for iX86
unix tape archive, compressed
Changes since last version:
This is the first version.
Building your own avr-gcc environment - - The corresponding documentation

Installation instructions for the above avr-1.6.4-linux-bin.tar.gz

This binary distribution of the avr-gcc development environment for Linux is provided here to save you installation time. This pre-compiled binary code may not run on all Intel Linux versions but is will run on most which are from 2009 or more recent. It will run on 32-bit and 64-bit systems thanks to the binary compatibility libraries which are normally part of all 64-bit systems.
1) download the avr-1.6.4-linux-bin.tar.gz and save it in /tmp
2) Unpack it as user root in /usr/local
   cd /usr/local
   tar zxvf /tmp/avr-1.6.4-linux-bin.tar.gz
3) Update your PATH environment variable and add /usr/local/avr/bin
   This can usually be done by adding it to an entry in /etc/profile
   or /etc/profile.env but is highly distribution dependent.
   If you are not sure what to do then just copy/paste the following
   into your shell window prior to using it.

   For bash, zsh, sh:
   export PATH=${PATH}:/usr/local/avr/bin

   For csh, tcsh:
   setenv PATH ${PATH}:/usr/local/avr/bin

4) Congratulations, you installation is complete.